Getting Pregnant Bible

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We just added the Getting Pregnant Bible to our books section! This well written E-book by Mother of 3 Christena Williams explains everything future parents need to know about getting pregnant. She is so confident that her book will work for you that she is offering a 56 day money back guarantee and that really impresses us. Give it a read and please let us know your thoughts…

Put The Sizzle Back Into Baby Making!

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We just added this great article on baby making and how sometimes you need to ’spice’ it up because lets face it when you are trying to have a baby, it requires a lot of sexual intercourse.. and that will start to become a bit mundane at times.

Written by one of our favorite authors, Lori Ramsey, this article sure will give you a few ideas on how to put the sizzle back into baby making!

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Parenting Starts Before Pregnancy

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New Year’s Resolutions to get yourself in better shape and forgo vices carry equal value — if not more — for aspiring parents. Doctors and health professionals recommend beginning a clean livin’ lifestyle anywhere from three months to a year before beginning to attempt conception. Ensuring your best body for your baby will improve fertility and decrease the risks of miscarriage and birth defects. Is baby making in your plans for 2006?……

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New high-tech pregnancy aid available…

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A new device, which uses a beam of light to detect estrogen levels, is set to revolutionize calculating the `right time’ for couples hoping to conceive..

Click here to read the full article [Source: Taipei Times]

When is the best time to get pregnant?

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Believe it or not we get asked this question all the time. There is actually the right time to get pregnant and that is at the time of ovulation.

We have added this great new article to our Trying To Get Pregnant section that will explain more about ovulation, cycles, bbt methods, and all other important details that you need to help figure out the best time.

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Happy Halloween from Paco

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Getting’s dog Paco wanted to show everybody his halloween costume! :)

Happy Halloween

So you tested POSITIVE! So now what?

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If you have tested positive for pregnancy and are wondering what to do now.. we have a great article in our preconception section titled “Postive Test! What now?”. Helps explain what you need to do next and hopefully help get you organized if you aren’t already! When you are done reading that article and you are craving even more information about pregnancy itself, please check out our pregnancy section.

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Optimizing The Chances For Conception

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Lori Ramsey has done it again! Another great article that focuses on many things that a woman can do to improve her chances in order to become pregnant. An added plus to this great article is that it features a couple things that HE can do as well.

Read the article in our trying to get pregnant section on

Make sure to also check out Lori’s great website at Beyond Fertility. She has hundreds of great products that will help you tremendously if you are trying to get pregnant or already are.

Online Pregnancy Calculator

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Today we added another great article to our website. This one is about ovulation and pregnancy calculators.

Here is a snippet from the article:
The online resources and tools available have never been greater with calendar pregnancy weekly and online ovulation calculator to assist couples before, during and after pregnancy. A free online calendar pregnancy weekly provides a wonderful system of support by calculate due date for pregnancy (after the required information is entered) throughout the duration of the pregnancy…

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Timing Intercourse For Conception

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Here is a great article on our site that helps explain how you can time intercourse to have the best possible chance of getting pregnant. Goes into detail about Ovulating, Sperm Count and even explains a bit about how keeping the romance alive will help relax you and your partner so no one feels the “pressure” of having to perform which is not a good thing if you are trying to conceive.

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