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While most women have healthy pregnancies with very minor problems, it is always good to know the warning signs of what to expect if something doesn’t go the right way. With that in mind, we have now added a new section to called “Pregnancy Complications”.

Learn more about what can go wrong and how you can deal with the problem head on.

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Vitamin D levels during pregnancy

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Mothers who take extra vitamin D while pregnant could be protecting their children from osteoporosis later in life.

A study appearing in the Jan. 7 issue of The Lancet reports that children born to mothers with insufficient vitamin D during pregnancy had weaker bones when they were 9 years old…….

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[Source: Forbes]

Making A Baby: Everything You Need To Know To Get Pregnant

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We have gotten a few emails from our visitors about this book and thought that we’d share it with the rest of you. An excellent choice for those of you who want to know more about getting pregnant and infertility. What we”ve heard most from our visitors regarding this book is that it is written in a really easy to understand manner and will hold your attention to the very end…

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